Finishing some illustrations for the cover project. #thecoloredversion #yesfinallynataposkodin #workbookforkids

Super final characters na talaga! promise hoooo para naman ma submit ko na… excited na magcolor aaahh #drawings2014 #sketches #dowhatyoulovelovewhatyoudo 

just doing some girl sketch reading a book.. and creating different facial expressions. I need this! Hahaha Yay! :)

YAY! dalawa na fashion drawings ko. Haha! more to come. :-)

Yay!!! Lobster drawing take 2.. Hmmm it actually looks like a lobster now. 

Lobster drawing! Haha! Oh noooo… he looks like a cockroach. D:

Animalia #1

Found throughout the Visayan Islands (the central archipelago of the Philippines). The Visayan Warty Pig is Critically Endangered.

Here’s some highlands illustration.

The Grumble Noise 

Written and narrated by award-winning children’s author Erik X. Raj, Illustrated by me hehe! :-)

If you have an iPad (and I know you do), you simply must click on this link right now to download. Get it now! and please let Erik know what you think of the app/story after you download it. Thank you! watch demo here