YAY! dalawa na fashion drawings ko. Haha! more to come. :-)

sketches! Working on my new assignment. :)

Yay!!! Lobster drawing take 2.. Hmmm it actually looks like a lobster now. 

Lobster drawing! Haha! Oh noooo… he looks like a cockroach. D:

6 drawings down 44 to go! :)

Animalia #1

Found throughout the Visayan Islands (the central archipelago of the Philippines). The Visayan Warty Pig is Critically Endangered.

"The first draft of anything is shit" -Ernest Hemingway

just random character doodles..

Day 8: Favorite Animated Character

Earl of Lemongrab!

Haha! Wala akong magawa kahapon.. so kinuha ko ung lemon sa ref tas pinicturan ko ‘to para gawan ng lemongrab face sa photoshop. :)))

Here’s some highlands illustration.